FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my bill?

The Town currently offers four options: 

  1. Visit Town Hall for Town Staff to assist you. 
  2. Drop off payment outside of Town Hall, there is a drop-box located in the parking lot. 
  3. Mail in your payment: PO Box 848, Roseboro, NC 28382
  4. To pay over the phone, call: 1-877-885-7968. 

I changed my name and/or address. How do I change that information on my taxes and water accounts?

Changes to tax accounts may be provided to the tax collector at Sampson County (910)592-7081, but must also be provided to the Town's tax office at (910)525-4121 as our tax information is imported annually from the Sampson County records. Information on water accounts may be changed by contacting the billing clerk at (910)525-4121.