Human Resources

The Town of Roseboro welcomes your interest in employment!

Equal Employment Opportunity

It is policy of the Town of Roseboro to foster, maintain and promote equal employment opportunity. The Town selects employees based only on each applicant's qualifications for the job being applied for, and provides compensation and opportunities for training and promotion without regard to race, color, ethnicity, sex, gender, age, religious affiliation, disability or any other characteristic protected by law.

Employment Application

The Employment Application is designed to assist the hiring Supervisor evaluate your qualifications for the position for which you are applying. Read the position advertisement carefully to be sure your background meets all requirements of the position. On your application, please show specific qualifications which relate to the position. A continuation page is available to provide any additional experience information necessary for your application to be complete. If there is no closing date listed, the position is open until filled. Applications are accepted at all times and are held on file.

If you wish to apply for more than one position, please submit a separate application form for each position. A copy is acceptable as long as it shows the specific position title for each position applied for and has an original signature. A resume may not be substituted for an application, but one may be included as a supplement to the application.

To ensure consideration of your application, it must be received in the Town of Roseboro’s Human Resources Department by 5:00 p.m. on the closing date for the position opening. Applications received after the closing date will be accepted until the position is filled---but are not guaranteed the same consideration as those received by the closing date.

All applications and supplemental materials you submit become the property of the Town of Roseboro and will not be returned unless prior arrangements are made with the Human Resources Department.

Application Consideration:

The application review process begins after the closing date. The Human Resources Department reviews each application with care and attention to identify the candidates whose qualifications most closely match the position requirements. From this group, the hiring Supervisor conducts interviews for the position.

We utilize a thorough application review process, designed to assure careful and fair consideration of each candidate. Candidates considered for an interview may not be contacted immediately following the closing date. Simply fulfilling the minimum qualifications for a position does not assure an interview.

We also, reserve the right to re-advertise position openings, and to delay or to cancel the filling of a position.

Pay and Benefits

The Town of Roseboro offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Our benefits include: participation in the Local Government Employee Retirement System; an employee, and employer match 401K contribution; employee health, dental and life insurance coverage at no cost to the employee (employee has option to contribute to coverage for family); vacation and sick leave; paid holidays.

“The Town of Roseboro is an equal opportunity employer”