Employment Benefits


The Town of Roseboro’s operating hours are 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Work hours may vary according to the department's work schedule.

Group Health and Hospitalization Coverage

The Town of Roseboro provides group health and hospitalization insurance for regular full time employees. Employees may purchase dependent coverage through the Town's group health plan.

Dental Coverage

The Town of Roseboro provides dental coverage for regular full time employees. Employees may purchase dependent coverage through the Town's group dental plan.

Life Insurance

The Town of Roseboro provides a set amount policy depending on employment position to all regular full-time employees with a death benefit provided at the average years salary. Also, employees may purchase supplemental life insurance coverage.

Short Term Disability (Voluntary Coverage)

The disability benefit is based on the plan elected and the premiums are based on plan selection and your age through Aflac or Allstate.

Accidental Insurance

Accidental insurance is available for employees to purchase. The benefit is available to employees and their family and is also based on plan selection.


Each employee who is expected to work for the Town of Roseboro more than 1,000 hours annually shall be covered by the North Carolina Local Governmental Employees' Retirement System. All employees are eligible for membership effective their first day of employment. Employees may elect to voluntarily contribute to a 401-K plan.

Social Security

The Town of Roseboro, to the extent of its lawful authority and power, extends Social Security benefits for all eligible employees.


The policy of the Town of Roseboro is to follow the holiday schedule provided by and set by the Roseboro Board of Commissioners.


Each full-time employee shall accrue annual leave based on the following schedule:

Years of Service Days Accrued Per Year 
1<10 10
10<20 15
20+ 20

Sick Leave

Each full-time employee shall earn sick leave at the rate of eight hours per calendar month of service, or a maximum of 96 hours per year.

Workers Compensation

All Town of Roseboro employees (full and part time) are covered under the North Carolina Worker's Compensation Act.