The Town of Roseboro operates its own water treatment plant, water distribution system, wastewater treatment plant and a wastewater collection system.

In total the Town of Roseboro has 1.5 mgd of daily wastewater treatment capacity. A new wastewater oxidation style wastewater treatment plant was constructed in 1995. Of the total allowance of 1.5 mgd, only 490,000 gal are being utilized, allowing for more residential, commercial and industrial development within the Town of Roseboro’s service area.

The Town of Roseboro also operates a system of local, collector, and thoroughfare streets, sidewalks, and storm drainage facilities. Streets are resurfaced on a priority basis as indicated by a comprehensive evaluation of all streets within the town, excluding highways that are maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The town also has an annual program for sidewalk maintenance and installation with priority given to areas adjacent to parks and schools or segments that would connect to existing sidewalks for other public destinations.