Utilities - Water and Sewer Bills

Water and Sewer Accounts
The Water & Sewer Department Customer Service Office is located at 101 W. Pleasant Street, Roseboro NC 28382 (910-525-4121). It is open every business day from 8:00am to 5:00pm except Wednesdays hours are 12:00pm to 5:00pm. Applications for services, payment for services, and other service requests may be made at Town Hall.

Any customer requesting water and sewer service must be of legal age, provide all requested information on the application, and pay a $200.00 deposit, (100.00 for property owners). The town may refuse to furnish utility services to a customer (including other members of the customer's household) wherein there exists indebtedness for prior services until all such debts have been repaid. Such records are kept in Town Hall.

Any request for service connection or disconnection must be made before 1:00pm if connection or disconnection is to be done that business day; otherwise, the connection will be done the following business day.

Water Bill Payments
Water bills are mailed on or about the last working day of the month. Any customer who has not received a bill in the first week of the new month may call the Utilities Department to inquire about his or her account balance. All bills are due by the 10th of the month. If bills are not paid by the 15th a 10% penalty is applied to the customer's account balance. If past due balances are not paid by the twentieth day of the month, a $35.00 late fee is applied and water/sewer is disconnected on the twenty-first. If you do not produce your bill at the time of payment a $1.50 charge may be implemented at that time.

The Town of Roseboro does not enjoy having to disconnect any customer's water service due to non-payment; however, we sometimes must do so in order to maintain reasonable rates for all customers.

The Town of Roseboro does not guarantee uninterrupted service, but will make every effort to restore service as soon as possible if problems should occur. In such situations, the town may exercise discretion regarding the nature of its response in restoring such service.

Effective September 12, 2017: Water meters shall not be turned on by anyone other than an authorized employee of the Town.  At such locations where water service is found to be restored by someone other than an authorized employee of the Town or where the meter reading has been manually changed, a charge of $150 shall be added to said account (additional charges for damage to equipment, loss of equipment, parts, costs of repair, etc. will be added if applicable).  The meter shall be removed and water service will be terminated until all charges are paid in full.  After the account is paid in full, the Town will then restore water service to the location.  Such termination of service shall not terminate the obligation to pay the minimum monthly fee at said location and those charges shall continue to accrue during any period in which service is suspended.  

Town of Roseboro Monthly Rate Schedule
                Water - In Town
0-3000 gallons -               $17.75
3001 gallons and above -     $5.00 (per thousand)

                  Sewer - In-Town
0-3000 gallons -               $20.50 -  (Effective July 1, 2017)
3001 gallons and above -     $5.00 (per thousand)

                 Water - Out of Town
0-3000 gallons -               $27.15
3001 gallons and above -    $7.00 (per thousand)

                Sewer - Out of Town
0-3000 gallons -               $28.40 - (Effective July 1, 2017)
3001 gallons and above -     $7.00 (per thousand)

               Garbage Collection
           Residence            $11.00
           Business              $16.50
Wastewater Treatment Plant
The Town’s Wastewater Treatment Plant is located just outside of the Town of Roseboro's limits on East Roseboro Street.
Ph 910-525-4121 | PO Box 848 | 101 West Pleasant St. | Roseboro, NC 28382