NC Small Towns Economic Prosperity (STEP) Program

Roseboro entered the NC STEP program in June 2012,and began working with an NC STEP coach to create a long-term economic development  strategic plan and implementation strategy for the town. The plan's goals are to create conditions and activities that will ultimately result in job and wealth creation, improved standard of living and quality of life for the community's residents, and additional public and private investments in the town and vicinity. The planning process spanned approximately 15 months.

After drafting a common vision statement, the NC STEP Leadership Team, comprised of a cross section of Roseboro area citizens, developed its plan focusing on three broad strategies with multiple projects under each strategy. As participants in the NC STEP program, the community receives up to $25,000 in planning funds and up to $100,000 to implement its projects. The planning process emphasizes the development of citizen leaders who will have the skills necessary to improve the community's health and vibrancy and to bring more knowledge and know-how to overcome barriers and increase the community's ability to grow and prosper.

NC STEP focuses on how to help individual small towns reinvigorate their economies by:

  • Supporting economic development in small towns adversely affected by structural changes in the economy or recent natural disasters,
  • Implementing a comprehensive model of technical assistance and grant making to aid in revitalization efforts, and
  • Providing information vital to the development of public policies that support long-term investment in the economic vitality of North Carolina’s small towns.

Due to changes in the NC government, the NC STEP contract was signed in May 2014 with NC Department of Commerce. The project must be completed by October 31, 2015.

Taste of Roseboro PowerPoint - A celebration of the STEP Implementation Process

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