Frequently Asked Questions About Roseboro

1. What are the local utility companies, and how can they be contacted?     
Water: Town of Roseboro (910)525-4121, Electricity: Progress Energy (800)452-2777 Telephone: Century Link (800)786-6272, Cable: Starvision (910)564-4194.

2. When is trash/recycling picked up?    
Recycling may be dropped off at the central location behind Town Hall. Please call Waste Industries at 910-423-4122 if the recycle bin needs to be emptied. Residential trash is picked up on Friday mornings. This must be out no later than 6:00am or will be left until the next pick up cycle. 

3. What do I do if my trash can disappears or breaks?    
Replacement trash cans may be obtained by contacting the town's Utility Department at (910)525-4121. For broken cans you may also contact this number. These cans are not owned by the Town of Roseboro. 

4. I changed my name and/or address. How do I change that information on my taxes and water accounts?    
Changes to tax accounts may be provided to the tax collector at Sampson County (910)592-7081, but must also be provided to the Town's tax office at (910)525-4121 as our tax information is imported annually from the Sampson County records. Information on water accounts may be changed by contacting the billing clerk at (910)525-4121.

5. Where can I register to vote?    
Registration forms for voting are available at the Town of Roseboro Town Hall and at the Sampson County Board of Elections office in Clinton, NC.

6. How do I purchase cemetery plots in the Roseboro cemeteries?    
You must come into the Town Hall between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday-Friday to view and choose the plots you wish to purchase. For information on cost you may call (910) 525-4121 to speak with the utility/ billing clerk. Once you purchase these plots they are no longer property of the town and you must be responsible for filing of deeds.

7. What is the process for being on the agenda for the Town Meeting?     
You must be on the agenda on the Thursday before the meeting which is held on the second Tuesday of each month to be able to address the Board of Commissioners. 

8. Who do I contact to rent a park shelter?    
You may call (910)525-4121 to check availability for our new park shelters. At that time you will need to come in to the Town Hall to fill out the application.

9. Will the town pick up yard debris?    
The Public Works does pick up yard debris (small limbs, leaves, pine straw, and clippings; however, there is currently no set schedule for this service. You must put out by the curb and they will remove as time permits.

10. Does the Public Works department pick up electronics and tires?      
No, these must be taken to designated drop off areas in Sampson County

Ph 910-525-4121 | PO Box 848 | 101 West Pleasant St. | Roseboro, NC 28382