Chairperson - Lynn West

Everyone is invited to attend the STMS/STEP meetings. Check the calendar, for the date and time; it is usually the first Tuesday night of each month at 6:00pm. We meet at the Town Hall and need your input.

In 2008, Roseboro became a “Designated NC Small Town Main Street Communities” by the Governor and the Secretary of Commerce. Roseboro entered the NC Small Town Economic Prosperity program in June 2012, and began working with an NC STEP coach to create a long-term economic development  strategic plan and implementation strategy for the town. Both of these programs are intertwined have helped in the economic growth of Roseboro. In January of 2016, the two programs were combined to work toward their common goals.

Mission Statement: Roseboro STMS/STEP is dedicated to preserving, supporting, and promoting economic growth and community vitality. 

Vision Statement: Roseboro STMS/STEP envisions a growing town where every citizen can “take root and bloom” socially, physically, spiritually, and economically.

The committee has three subcommittees. They are:

1.  Promotions - Reestablishing downtown as a compelling place for shoppers, investors and visitors. This means not only improving sales but also rekindling community excitement and involvement. Promotion ranges from street festivals to retail merchandising, from community education to marketing and public relations.

2.  Design – Enhancing the visual quality of the downtown. Attention is given to the downtown environment elements - not just buildings and storefronts but also public improvements, rear entries, signs, landscaping, window displays and graphic materials.

3.  Economic Restructuring - Strengthening the existing economic assets of the business district while diversifying its economic base. Activities include conducting market analysis to understand the changing market place, adapting vacant buildings that have outlived their original purposes for use as entertainment or cultural facilities and sharpening the competitiveness of Main Street's traditional merchants.

Meeting Minutes

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